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Maintaining contact with family is so important

Improving the quality of care though human connections

Visiting family in a care setting is vitally important and St Martins Care is committed to making visiting loved ones as easy and safe as possible. More information on this can be found on our "Visiting family and friends" page which can be accessed via the button below.

However, so much happens outside visits that can easily be missed by families. Residents will be engaged in activities in the home every day. Meal times, special occasions and celebrations will also take place in the care home on a regular basis. Few, if any, of these memory building opportunities will be witnessed by family members. In the same way, important events in the lives of a resident's family such as birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings, holidays and every day life events will not be experienced by the resident as they live their lives in the care home.

St Martins Care passionately believes that residents and their families should be able to share and experience these important moments, maintaining those important connections between family members and building memories that can enhance everyone's lives in the best possible way.

Until now, social media has been the only way to maintain these connections but the most popular social media platforms are not always secure, private or user friendly and are often limited in group situations. To overcome these issues, St Martins Care has invested in Altra Family, a secure, private platform that allows two-way communication between the care home and families.

The benefits of Altra Family include:

  • Share precious moments
  • Connect with the whole family
  • Keep families connected
  • Always stay in touch
  • Use on any device, anywhere

Altra Family is free to use for St Martins Care residents and their families. Setup is easy, just talk to one of our helpful home administrators who will start the process and you'll be sharing memories in no time at all.

Altra Family

Making it easy to keep in touch

With Altra Family, the whole family can remain active participants in the everyday life of their loved one, ensuring relationships can be maintained. A video of grandchildren playing at the beach, an old photo found in the attic, a happy memory or a quick hello. Families can share messages and photos with their loved one using this amazing tool provided free to all St Martins Care residents and their families.

Altra Family
Resident using Altra Family
Altra Family
Altra Family Screenshot

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