About us

Providing care and support to older people with complex and enduring health needs.

We’re committed to delivering truly person-centred residential care. To achieve this, we focus on really getting to know the people we support – their life-story, what is important to them and their personal aspirations.

With our excellent facilities, wide range of activities and commitment to providing you with the highest standards, we will offer you the very best in residential care.

The people we support enjoy

  • Spacious bedrooms which can be personalised according to individual taste
  • Trained staff on hand 24 hours a day
  • Communal dining and lounge areas
  • Freshly prepared nutritious meals
  • Sheltered and landscaped gardens
  • Specialist furnishings and facilities to maximise independence
  • Engaging and varied activities programmes
  • Regular access to visiting health professionals
  • No restriction on visiting hours

All of our services deliver a varied programme of activities and events, built around the passions and interests of people we support. We build a clear picture of each person’s individual likes and interests, using tools such as One-Page Profiles – which review what is important to a person, how they want to be supported, and what people admire about them – as well as understanding their life history.

We also keep people connected with the people and places that are important to them in the local community. Our homes have thriving partnerships with local community groups and faith groups, and engage the support of local people.

We’re committed to involving the important people in the lives of the people we support, like their family and friends. Family members are welcome to share their ideas and suggestions, and get involved in our homes. We also host many celebration events that bring people we support and their family and friends together.

Nursing care homes provide specialist support to older people with complex and enduring health needs, including dementia. Our nursing care homes focus on promoting the health, happiness, well being and independence of people we support, through delivering genuinely personalised care.

We’re committed to delivering truly person-centred nursing care. To achieve this, we focus on really getting to know the people we support – their life-story, what is important to them and their personal aspirations. Our teams are trained in a number of leading approaches which enable us to get to know the people we support well and promote the things that are important to them.

We deliver a host of specialist support services to people living with dementia, including residential and nursing care, respite support.

Stimulating Lives for both body and mind

Person-Centred Dementia Care We offer extensive activity planned programmes in all of our care homes - from tai chi to walking football, arts to local reminiscence. But we also believe that spontaneous activities are equally important too, so involve the people we support in everyday activities – from cleaning to gardening, making drinks to planning events – that help them retain their independence, enjoy active lives and feel involved in their home.


Support from specially trained staff, including named nurses, 24 hours a day

We focus on delivering ‘person-centred support’. This means that every person is provided with a personalised service that is right for them as an individual – fulfilling their needs, interests and aspirations.

We enjoy working in close collaboration with health and social care professionals, such as commissioners, social work professionals and GPs, sharing our mutual expertise and skills. In doing so, we are able to deliver services that holistically meet the care and support needs of the people we support


We employ over 400 caring and committed staff. We focus on recruiting individuals with strong values, a passion for people and a positive outlook. All of our colleagues receive a comprehensive induction, as well as further training and development, to nurture their skills and give them the right tools to deliver quality support. In recognition of our efforts to not only deliver great services but a great employment experience too

Empowering people and organisations to create positive change. (Helen Sanderson Associates)

Person-centred practices are used with people, teams and organisations. By working in this way, we can make sure that people are truly listened to and are kept at the heart of all decision-making; how a service is commissioned, provided and organised.

Person-centred practices are used in teams and organisations to ensure that we focus on what matters to the people we support and their families, and pay attention to how to support staff as well.

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Our aim is to ensure our residents
enjoy a happy, comfortable and safe environment