Visiting residents

Visiting is an essential part of caring

We are committed to making visits as easy as possible for families

At St Martins Care, we understand how important it is for families to maintain contact with their loved ones and the importance of the sustained and supported involvement of a resident’s families and friends. We also recognise that residents should have full choice over who they wish to see or be visited by.

In normal circumstances, there will be no restrictions on visiting hours other than those requested by residents collectively or individually. The only exception may be in the incidence of an infection outbreak, where staff will refer to the Outbreak Management and Isolation Nursing Policy and Procedure.

St Martins Care Limited will always have regard for the current national guidance in relation to visiting rights and we are determined to do all we can to ensure families see their loved ones as much as possible.

To facilitate this we have several ways in which family members can visit residents:

  • In addition to the resident's own bedroom, every one of our homes has several safe, clean and warm visiting areas where families can meet residents.
  • Weather permitting, we are able to facilitate visiting in our safe, enclosed and beautiful garden spaces.
  • We are able to facilitate virtual visiting using a selection of online tools such as Zoom, Facebook, Teams and Whatsapp. The fast, free Internet access in all our homes ensures a reliable, clear and high quality connection.
  • Finally, we can facilitate visiting outside the home if families or friends wish to take a resident out, although this will be subject to a suitable risk assessment to ensure the resident is safe at all times.

We have a clear and detailed visiting policy that can be requested at any time from any of our care homes.

If you are unable to visit, see what your family or friends are up to in our homes through our care home insights.

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