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Award Winning Halloween Poem

Windermere Grange residents were asked to create a special poem for a competition, reminiscing about Halloween as a child and their memories from that time. We entered and were awarded 2nd place!

Here's the Poem - We Hope You Like It.

Halloween when I was a child

When I was a child we had a turnip instead, of these big pumpkins the size of my head.

There were no plastic handles for me to hold, I used a bootlace to carry my load.

I didn’t have a costume to wear with pride,I had a black bin liner with slits in the side.

My hat was handmade, we couldn’t afford a lot, my cauldron was an old planting pot.

I wore little plastic fingers upon my hands, and plastic teeth with realistic fangs.

With my candle in place I would go door to door, “penny for Halloween” my mouth would roar.


November 2, 2021




Windermere Grange


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