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Even the Weather Didn’t Put Out Our Fun!

Team Training at its best! Braving the elements, Team Guisborough Manor staff demonstrated knowledge and understanding, and practical abilities whilst undertaking practical fire extinguisher training this week.

The staff of Guisborough Manor - Alison, Alishia, Jim, Kath, Jan, Michele, Amanda, Sian, Linda, Charlotte, and Darren embarked on a fire awareness training session provided by Expert Fire Solutions which included using fire extinguishers. Outside cold, and blustery our staff braved the elements, taking on board the vital information. The poor weather didn’t dampen the experience.

Staff were guided through the process, creating confidence in the use and abilities to know how and when it may be possible to tackle a fire. Staff had the opportunity to use the Fire extinguishers which are located within Guisborough Manor.

Obviously someone had to set an example of how “NOT TO USE AN EXTINGUISHER” and this fell upon Alishia, who almost combusted at the idea of having to hash up her example.

However, the residents enjoyed front row viewing from the home.

Well done Team Guisborough Manor!


February 16, 2024


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