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Therapy Ponies Visit Woodside Grange

The residents and staff at Woodside Grange enjoyed a visit from Glory Stars Abound the American miniature horse from KL Pony Therapy. KL Pony Therapy have 11 miniature horses in total who all enjoy visits to various different settings providing therapy for all age ranges. The residents faces lit up when they saw Glory, and she lapped up the attention.

American Miniature horses are essentially a full-size horse that has been miniaturised. The American Miniature has lengthy and angled shoulders; a long and flexible neck; well-formed forearms; wide-set and large eyes; flaring nostrils; and medium-sized, pointed ears that seem to be perpetually standing at attention.

The psychosocial effects of equine-assisted therapy come from the horse's ability to recognise human emotions and provide an intentional response. These effects can improve self-esteem, self-presence, independence, and feelings of freedom.


January 31, 2024




Woodside Grange


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