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What It Means to Live Well in a Care Home!

The vision of St Martins Care is for all our residents to live a full and happy life. When you enter the doors of a St Martins Care home it does not mean that your life skills are no longer valued. All members of the teams support our residents to live well.

Activity is a word that is used a lot in a care home but what does it mean? Well, there is no right or wrong answer. Activities mean something different to every one of our residents and we like to embrace that.

Each of our teams across the whole home has input in activities, Domestic, Kitchen, Care, Senior, and management teams.

Why shouldn’t it be everybody’s responsibility to support residents to “Live Well”. This is a personal preference to each of our residents, and we love that their personalities and skills are still allowed to shine through.

Setting tables, and sorting Laundry might sound like a chore to us but imagine if that was all of a sudden taken away from you, The skills that enabled us to raise our children and live an organised life. We encourage our residents to continue using their skills to enable us to run a happy home.

Of course, we have a varied entertainment program for our residents to also enjoy including singers and magicians, puppet shows, prize bingo, and board games.

Have a look at some of the residents at Washington Manor helping us stay on track. After all the saying goes “ Team Work Makes The Dream Work”.


January 23, 2024




Washington Manor


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