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St Martins Care 2023: Residents, Ratings, and Remarkable Achievements

As we say goodbye to a busy but remarkable year, let's take a moment to reflect on the milestones, growth, and successes that shaped St Martins Care in 2023.

It has been a year filled with compassion, innovation, and recognition, highlighting our commitment to quality care and continuous improvement.

Residents and Staff

In 2023 we welcomed 426 new residents into our homes, where they found comfort, care, and a homely environment. Alongside our residents, 261 dedicated new staff members started their careers at St Martins Care, joining our compassionate team.

Quality Recognition

Our dedication to providing top-tier care was acknowledged with pride as St Martins Care homes received an impressive 43 ratings of 4 and 5 stars. 

It is always great to hear from families of loved ones in our care homes, knowing that they feel happy with their loved ones in our care is invaluable. 

We are really proud of this statistic, and these ratings are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our staff members who prioritise excellence in every aspect of their roles.

Key 2023 Highlights

Throughout the year, we were proud to achieve many milestones, showcasing our commitment to innovation and advancement in the field of senior health and social care:

  • Change Maker Award: We were honoured to receive the Change Maker Award at the Nuvo Wellbeing Awards, showcasing our innovative approach and commitment to positive change in the care landscape. Read more here: 

  • 4SMC Employee App Launch: The introduction of our employee app, 4SMC, aimed at enhancing communication and connectivity within our team, further emphasising our dedication to creating a supportive work environment.  Read more here: 

  • Recognition in Nursing Publications: St Martins Care was featured in an article in the Royal College of Nursing Magazine, acknowledging our contributions and best practices in our industry. Read more here: 

  • Conference Participation: We attended many events such as the King’s Fund Annual Conference and the Equal Arts National Creative Ageing Conference, contributing to the creation of ideas in our sector. Read more here: 

  • Investment in Improvement: We invested over £500,000 to enhance and improve our care homes, ensuring the highest quality of living for our residents.

  • Training and Innovation: Initiatives such as the trainee nursing associate (TNA) programme and the installation of lifting cushions highlight our commitment to innovative care practices and staff development. Read more here: 

  • Collaboration with NHS: We secured a brand new collaboration with the NHS, starting this January. This pilot project will introduce an occupational therapist at Woodside Grange, enabling rehabilitation services and facilitating smoother transitions for residents who choose to return home.

As we look back on a year of growth and success, we're excited about what 2024 will bring for St Martins Care. Here's to another year of excellence, compassion, and positively impacting the lives of those in our care.


January 17, 2024


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